All facts for PAYBACK Login & Sign card

All facts for PAYBACK Login & Sign card

Those wishing to participate in the bonus program, you must first be on the PAYBACK Login register and sign the cards. Here you can find all the info on the new registration and solutions for problems!

More than 27 million German users already collect bonus points. Who also wants to break with PAYBACK can score whenever he wants to use the PAYBACK App Downloads convenient points.

PAYBACK LoginSo work for new customers PAYBACK Login

PAYBACK login: Requirements for Registration

Before you can indulge his passion for collecting, you must first register at PAYBACK. Allowed is available to all users who are at least 16 years old and that have a residence in Germany. Registration is completely free and can be done in three ways:

  • About the online presence of PAYBACK
  • About the partner shops
  • via app, which is available as Android and iOS version as well as for BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

So flips the PAYBACK registration

Option 1: PAYPAL website & app

Who makes PAYBACK login via the website or app of the bonus program, must there (as shown in the screenshot) first specify his e-mail address and click on the Agree button. Thus one agrees with sending the coupon-mail as well as the terms and conditions of payback.

PAYBACK Login New customerOnline registration at Payback

Now the user can choose a card of his choice. Say, he chooses his desire partner and selects between PAYBACK Premium, PAYBACK Maestro® card or normal trading card.

In the next step the user must complete the registration form. There, among other things, date of birth and address are requested. The user receives immediately his customer number and can begin to shop. However, take the sending of the card approximately 3-4 weeks. The app registration works similarly.

Option 2: Partner outlet

Those who wish can also join in on one of the partner outlets at PAYBACK. They will give you the trading card and a second card, for example, for the partner. In this case, you can also go shopping immediately.

Important: book tickets

Who made the new application through a Partner outlet and getting the card in this way, they must now log in. Similar to the PAYBACK login is made online. For this, the user simply goes to that page. He wears his customer number, is the ideal partner and fills the Captcha query.

PAYBACK card LoginRegister online map

Problems logging in PAYBACK

In the forums you can read again and again that users have problems to sign up. Some have the problem with the website, others in the app or the toolbar. Before we turn to the support of the bonus program, you should check the following things. Perhaps the problem already solves so on will be gone:

  • An Internet connection is active?
  • If the login information correct?
  • There are two methods for online credentials: Login with password or PIN. Just check both options.

PAYBACK Login OptionsTwo ways of logins

  • test the login through another browser
  • The DOM Storage browser must be enabled. Which is found in the browser settings.
  • If the PAYBACK login fails at the app sometimes helps just to turn on the flight mode on and off again. If that does not, just once throw the app from your phone and reinstall it.
  • contact in the last resort in any case support