72 new WhatsApp emoticons & emoji

72 new WhatsApp emoticons & emoji

New WhatsApp Emoticons and emoji are in sight: The iOS operating system 10.2 provides users of the popular Messengers shortly 72 new emoji. In addition, various other Apple emoticons have been revised and revamped, including the symbols of the globe, flowers and the moon phases.

The new WhatsApp emoticons package contains the coveted Fremdschäm-Emoji

Among other WhatsApp users are allowed so-called iPhone on after the update of WhatsApp "Fremdschäm-Emoji" looking forward. At the request of many users, the developers have with the "suggest hand before his face"-Emoji finally completes the most often requested by the fan base Emoji. There are also new emoji in the category of people with different skin colors and also various funny everyday emoji, such as cucumber, Owl, avocado, bacon or kiwi. A David Bowie look-alike is also on board as a clown, a face with a cowboy hat, a whiskey glass, an alien, a firefighter, a pilot, shaking hands, a butterfly and a fox.

WhatsApp EmoticonsA selection of 72 new WhatsApp Emoticons & Emoji. Source: blog.emojipedia.org

WhatsApp Emoji say goodbye to the comic look

The new WhatsApp Emoticons & Emoji are likely built into the iOS operating system 10.2 and the Apple emoji adjusted with the update to the universal Emoji language. These are to adopt more and more from pure comic look and look much more realistic. Android users will probably soon also come and in the WhatsApp Emoji their rights to be supplied with the 72 new emoji.

Emoticons and emoji are becoming more popular

The revision of smileys and icons on smartphones gets more and more important. The mobile phone users love the little emoticons and emoji and are therefore replaced by the developers more and more little pictures, built and reworked. It also comes to so many curious circumstances: There was recently resentment among the fans after the gun was replaced with a water gun.