Mask Surf Pro

Mask Surf Pro

Of the Mask Surf Pro Download offers users more anonymity on the net. The program uses a powerful network of proxy servers and provides users with an easy to understand configuration.

Anonymous on the net thanks to the Mask Surf Pro Download

In light of the recent spying scandals it is clear that privacy and anonymity on the Internet are long gone, of course. There is also an ever-widening range of programs for anonymity and encryption. The traffic is sent through proxy server, thereby the IP address changes. If only one relay used, the track is often easy to follow. However, the use of multiple relays requires tedious manual settings that go beyond the knowledge of most users. The download of Mask Surf Pro allows anonymity at a high level with just a few clicks. received and is anonymous after download and installation, it takes a few seconds until the IP in the relay network.

Mask Surf Pro Download

Setting options for Mask Surf Pro

The software offers a number of settings that are rarely offered in other programs. In the setup of the computer all browsers are detected. So the user can decide whether he wants to hide his IP while surfing for all or only for certain browser itself. In the country a list of countries including the number of available addresses is displayed. You can combine several countries to be either excluded or used in a separate selection. So web pages can be displayed, the content otherwise not available in their own country. But the software can do even more: Upon request, the tool sends different information on operating system and its language, thus making the illusion for curious IP Tracker perfect.

Mask Surf Pro Download IP selection

Anonymity in powerful relay network

Each anonymization on proxy based slows down the browsing speed. Slow connections can be excluded on the speed setting, but that reduces the number of available relays. The download of Mask Surf Pro uses the anonymizing network Tor, originally an acronym for The Onion Routing. This anonymization technique was developed for the backup of the intelligence service of the US Navy and used. Today, the network is used to virtual tunnels by journalists, organizations and individuals. Powerful tool obliterating data tracks on the Net The shareware conceal the origin of users while surfing the Internet. About the variety of settings that can be specified, behind which country and operating system you want to hide. In the IP test the information that can be verified “mask” again. Note: The demo version of Mask Surf Pro can be tested free for 15 days and has no restrictions against 50-dollar full version.