With the LottoKat download fill adventurers their lottery tickets directly on the screen and give their tips from the connected printer. In addition, extensive statistics on past draws can be found in the demo.

LottoKat download for KENO and the Euro Jackpot

LottoKat suitable for various German, Austrian and Swiss Lotto games, including for example, keno, the two-6 out of 49 contractions as well as the Euro lottery jackpot Euro 5 out of 50, wherein also additional lotteries are considered. In its current incarnation is LottoKat presents prepared for the revised 6 from 49 game system and is also suitable for Swiss Lotto 6 out of 42 and the Austria-Toto. Before completing and printing of lottery tickets, the user compares his wish envisaged numbers with the balls of past payouts.

This adjustment also encourages those besides particularly frequent winning combinations that have not been drawn for some time. Conveniently, LottoKat refers the winning numbers of the current draws with a mouse click from an Internet database. In this way the user holds the databases without much effort to date. Many more lottery numbers programs available for free download in our comprehensive software offering available.

LottoKat download

Limitations of LottoKat

In the demo version, not all functions and lottery variants unlocked.