Minecraft horses: first find, then tame and ride

Minecraft horses: first find, then tame and ride

Minecraft horses occur only in certain places. We show where to find them, how to tame and ride. Join Now for Horse Whisperer! After the free Minecraft Download the gamer not only moves through a world made of blocks and raw materials. Also, various creatures and animals are found in the sandbox world. One of the most popular creatures are horses. Who has tracked the cute ungulates can tame it and ride too. How to do this, we show in the following explanation.

Where occur Minecraft horses?

Who for a while already moving in the Minecraft world, but has not yet found a horse, probably looked in the wrong places. Minecraft horses come only found in savannas and plains. This limited resources do not exist in other animals. As in reality well, horses are herd animals and finding as such. Most are two to six wild animals that are found in a herd and can very lucky win for themselves. The wild horses come in different coat colors of white, gray and black on cream, brown or fox red before.

Minecraft horsesWhere come before the Minecraft horses?

In addition, different patterns are possible, so that there are a total of 35 different colors. In addition to horses and donkeys are found in the wild. Mules, however, can get only by breeding. Donkey and horse having to be crossed.

So horses are tamed in Minecraft!

Taming the wild horses is not really a big challenge for the gamer. only a little persistence and patience you have to bring.

1&# 46; Step: First, the player has to move towards the animal and watch it. here is that he has both hands free important.

2&# 46; Step: Now he can click on the horse with a right to take a first attempt riding. The horse will throw off the player after a short time.

3&# 46; Step: Now repeat this process several times. The gamer needs to absorb some bombing, but eventually the animal will give up.

Minecraft tame horsesThe player has to cope with some chutes.

4&# 46; Step: The horse is tamed, if heart rise above the horse into the air.

5&# 46; Step: Taming of Minecraft horses can be helped along. It is faster when you feed the horses apples, sugar or wheat. Golden apples or carrots are even better accelerator.

Minecraft horse Golden appleHorses love apples!

His horse riding – how it’s done

Were horses once tamed, one might ungulates course ride times. To ride a horse properly, that is also to control, gamers need a saddle. Bareback riding, although they can be, but not direct.

How to get to a saddle

Compared to many other items in Minecraft to saddle can not be produced. That is, you have to find them. Saddle can be found at the following locations:

  • in mines
  • in dungeons
  • in chests
  • in strongholds

Moreover, it is also possible to go fishing saddle. However, this happens rarely. Moreover, one can they get hold following an exchange with villagers.

With Minecraft horses for experienced riders

The saddle is mounted a horse, by clicking with a right click on the horse. After that, the saddle is placed in the designated inventory.

Minecraft Horse SaddleLaying the saddle in the space provided inventory

Upgrade on Minecraft horses

The upgrade to the Minecraft horse works fine with the Shift key, then one also rises again. The control of the horse expanded by default with the movement keys. That is, using the keys and W, A, S and D of the mouse. In addition, you can jump by using the space bar. Jumps from 1.2 to 5.1 blocks height are in the range of possibility. During a Ritts players are also capable of normal interaction. Thus, e.g. Fights on horseback possible.

riding horses Minecraftmaster slopes with Minecraft horses

Slopes of a block and gaps of this size can be mastered with Minecraft horses. However, one should remember that it is slightly wider than walking in the saddle. Thus gaps from one block are too tight.