Teachmaster engages learners to rehearse foreign language vocabulary under the arms. The free vocabulary trainer includes in addition to a tutorial and an editor for own terminology resources as well as a quiz for playful learning. With the help of the editor and its support for TrueType fonts user record vocabularies almost everyone in the world of spoken language. Conveniently, brings Teachmaster with a so-called converter, which already imports existing records of other vocabulary trainer and also takes CSV data. Those who would like to lend a hand here, can record their vocabulary after lessons separately and save. The tutorial as such asks in addition to the foreign-language equivalents or mother of vocabulary also possibly from registered synonyms. Here provides a Time Out mode, which sets a time limit for each vocabulary, for additional challenges. Teachmaster does not require installation, so is also ideal for portable applications on USB drives and other removable media. In the download area by the way a file is with all the lessons of Latin-textbook Lumina for the tutorial.