Deckadance from Image Line equips the PC with two to four virtual turntables. Sync with good, cool user interface, send built-in effects and VST and MIDI support is all here on board. Deckadance makes a great first startup a good impression: The construction is clearly structured and preloaded DigiDJs reveals itself immediately. ASIO4All is directly recommended to the download, so you can lie down even on an integrated notebook soundcard now an acceptable mix. Filter and EQ, Auto Sync (Auto) loops, samples shooter and a pretty cool (car) Scratch section work very well, are great places and open up entirely after a few clicks. An integrated auto-Scratches, -Glitches and -Stutters it shall not fail by the way, here Image Line has settled a really sizable collection. The rack of the integrated effects can also order VST effects and (!) Expand VSTi (instruments). Conversely Deckadance can but also as a VST instrument in the VST host of choice, such as the free Studio One Free embed. In addition, of course, external MIDI controller and timecode discs on vinyl or CD and on top of DVS (Digital Vinyl Software), Final Scratch, etc. supports Serato. A fine thing is also the smart Knob. Underlying this is the way to automate any controller via gezeichnter curve. So VDJs create as automatic filter sweeps, vibrant delays and and and .. Image Line Deckadance made in the test for actually completely overtaxed hardware and without external DJ controllers a very good impression. Small drawback: The demo is sometimes the audio signal for a whopping six seconds - annoying significantly. Nix Nevertheless one can well provide with the demo an idea of ​​the possibilities, and the purchase price is really manageable, especially in comparison to other trendy DJ software. Free alternative with limitations: Virtual DJ Home Free

Limitations of Deckadance

Audio is sometimes made for 6 seconds