3D Chess

Of the 3D Chess Download brings the game of kings in a version with three-dimensional graphics on the PC. In the freeware game to measure his skills with either a computer opponent or takes over the network or in the hotseat mode against human opponents.

3D Chess Download with four difficulty levels

Since 3D Chess offers four levels of difficulty to choose from, to games are against the artificial intelligence for beginners as well as professionals in the black and white board. Running their own trains is very simple: with the mouse to move lady Bauer and Co. on the desired field. Leaving the button, the character is moved. In addition, the viewing angle can be changed on the board via keyboard control. Continues to offer 3D chess graphics options to adjust the color depth, resolution and optical effects such as specular characters or transparencies. With features for saving and loading of games also it is started and paused duels continued at any time.

3D Chess Download