Storm Case: Rise of Balur

With the free Storm Case: Rise of Balur app Gamers get the popular browser game on their smartphone or tablet. Anyone who sees equal to the task of defeating the dark forces and to combat other Lords to ensure peace in Darkshine, is right here!

Storm Case: Rise of Balur app searches courageous heroes

The Plarium developers to popular online game Storm Case: Age of War released a stand-alone mobile game. Modeled on its predecessor, the player is sent to a magical but sinister world where courage is needed. Between dark forces, dragons, opposing alliances and clans of the gamer has to go his way. Millions of players have already expired the wake of the MMO game because it connects wonderfully strategy and construction worldwide.

Storm Case: Rise of Balur appStorm Case: Rise of Balur app - an independent MMO strategy game for mobile devices

The Storm Case: Rise of Balur Android version can be installed on devices from version 4.0.3. In the version for iOS version 7.0 or later is required.

The Story Behind Balur

As the title of the games announced, it all starts with the wrath Balurs. The timeless god of chaos is making every effort to bring darkness over Storm case. Even now, the people of Darkshine be overrun by dark creatures like orcs. Add to that the kingdom is on the rocks and all the warlords fighting each other in order to seize power.

What the continent needs is a hero! This burden is now the gamers carry, thrown into this mess to exchange the dread of the population against hope. The dark forces have banished and the countries be brought to a peaceful coexistence.

Storm Case: Rise of Balur app lockPart of the job of Storm case: Rise of Balur is building a castle

Main functions in Storm case: Rise of Balur Android

To achieve these broad goals, the user has the following responsibilities: He must build a castle and expand his empire steadily. To protect his castle from enemy clans or demons, the user needs a powerful army. This should of course be able to attack other Lord and defeat.

The app offers this the gamers more than 30 warriors he can form. Among them are not only barbarians or paladins, but dragon, shade or other mythical creatures.

Battles against Balurs powers and opposing Lord

Action-packed elements and strategic claim come in the Storm case: Rise of Balur app in any case not too short. So you can rush his army on opponents from around the world and constantly give exciting PvP battles. Also allows the game that they gather to alliances clans, for example, to conquer other territories. the freedoms that the player gets to his strategic action by the hand also are beautiful. So tactics can also be changed and alliances are broken. Other incentives through regular competitions and league game mechanisms.