Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013

With the Microsoft Office 2013 Download the office software from Redmond makes the leap to the new Metro design of Windows. Among the new features in Office 2013 include cloud computing with SkyDrive, sophisticated sharing capabilities for documents and tile design. In Microsoft Office 2013, the Windows-maker directed the design of the office suite from the Metro interface of Windows 8 consistent.

Microsoft Office 2013 Download with Word, Excel, Outlook & Co.

The surface is minimalist and held in bright colors. To operate on devices with touch screen Microsoft Office 2013 offers special "touch mode"Are displayed with the simplified versions of the menus with larger icons. Microsoft Office 2013 like its previous covers next to the word processor Word, spreadsheet Excel, the presentation software PowerPoint, the mail program Outlook, the Access database, and OneNote, and Publisher.

Microsoft Office 2013 can be offline use computer traditional. A new version of the Office suite is Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium. Here, the user subscribes for the first time the use of Office 2013. The subscription costs either monthly 10 euros or 99 euros as an annual subscription.

Microsoft Office 2013 DownloadMicrosoft Office 2013 Download with test versions of Word, Excel, Outlook & Co. (Picture: editorial)

365 Home Premium version available on up to five devices

The subscription includes up to five Office licenses for use on a PC, MAC or Windows Phone. By logging into the personal Windows Live account, documents can be in the 365 Home Premium edit and use version on up to five devices such as PC or Tablet PC. In the screenshots there is a quick graphical overview of the available packages. Compared to earlier versions of Microsoft Office 2013 simplifies sharing and remote access to documents.

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share documents via email, online presentation or cloud to another person

Documents, blog post, online presentation or SkyDrive be shared with other directly from Office out via email in a few steps. Microsoft offers an App Store, which can be integrated with third party applications easily in Microsoft Office, 2013. The trial version of Microsoft Office 2013, the company of Bill Gates looks ahead to the new version of the world’s popular Office suite. Thanks to its perfect integration with the Metro design of Windows 8, data synchronization via cloud and sophisticated document functions, left office in 2013 in a brief test a visually attractive and well-designed impression. Those who want to find their way more quickly to the new surface for the quick start manuals offer to Microsoft Office that we offer in our catalog for download. Guests will also find the full version: Free Office Templates from the house Franzi.

Limitations of Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 is fully capable of running for 60 days. The installation necessarily require a Windows Live account. The subscription version of the Office suite, Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium, can be tested 30 days. To download the trial versions of Microsoft Office 2013, an email account at Microsoft is imperative.