With Worms Worms Battlegrounds the computer game series in a next round, which is still individualized, than the previous versions. Here, the gameplay remains well known and there are only minor changes.

The Worms Battlegrounds download for great fun in multiplayer player mode

The new game of Worms series is designed for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Your download goes relatively quickly and after a short wait, the player can start gambling. As with previous versions, there is the single player mode and multi-player mode, with the single player mode is not really recommended, as the campaigns are still becomes quite one-sided. Exciting and a lot of social are the multi player modes.

Well-known gameplay with minimal improvements

Of the Worms Battlegrounds Download brings in more player mode plenty of nostalgic fun with it: Up to four worms teams can face each other and have to try to put the other team out of action, that is, to destroy. So the gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of the board game Risk. To give the game tension, each gamer has, however, limited time playing off his train with one of his worms. These different worms Games designer can also customize, in which he gives them funny names, puts on stylish glasses or funny little cap. That is fun and makes sure that every player realizes his characters again.

Worms Battlegrounds Download

From the huge arsenal of weapons, players use to turn off the opponents. but this must be used strategically, because the effects can also make your own worm: Be it by the explosion itself or by the impact that this has on the environment. It should be noted that in this game almost everything and destroyed kaputt- is.

Comic Faulty 2D fun of the strategy game

Worms Battlegrounds has no particularly sophisticated graphics on while the game is a huge hit: The aesthetic is comically treated and still held in 2D. Nevertheless, the game responds visually and creates an orderly and clear interface.

Worms Battlegrounds Download area

The game can be both long-established gamblers as well as for beginners simple and intuitive serve. This anyone can play with each together and against each other. A small taste of how the graphics look, and how to control the game, following Game Trailers brings:

The shooting action for all A Worms Battlegrounds combines Download Fun, action and strategic thinking under simple control and a successful, albeit also simple graphics. The game is for altbegeisterte gamblers and new starters and an absolute download tip.