Blocks Netflix VPN users? handle lock now

Since January, Netflix leads amplifies a Geoblockade by - in this country Gibt's first locks. We show you which Netflix VPN Tools, users can bypass the locks. on stream now!

Whether on TV, PC or mobile device to download the Netflix app - for series junkies Netflix is ​​the first choice. Even if we in this country actually enjoy a rather narrow range, while if you look at the program in the US.

Netflix VPNNetflix: VPN tools are not yet universally banned

Netflix VPN Lock: So far, sporadic

Where Netflix itself has quite interested to unify the offer and offer for example, in Germany the series season start. Unfortunately, however, the content providers offer cross. And just who are also responsible for ensuring that Netflix intensified action against VPN tools or DNS solutions.

Earlier this year, Netflix had already announced these locks: After it has been implemented in Australia, there are in February now also reports of blockages in this country. Twitter and various forums to report users that were denied access. However, Netflix does not seem to proceed coverage against the user. They strive to probably just about to meet both the partners and the users - after all, could you not scare of both.

circumvent VPN locks: These tools help

at least not yet but not all - as already mentioned, Netflix VPN blocking tools. One of the first services that it has taken is ZenMate, as some users report. Say, making it possible to use only the German offer the streaming portal. But do not panic, there are plenty of other services that can alternatively use the user.

Getflix and uFlix circumvent VPN lock

These two tools have already announced that they can not be be beaten by the barriers and they are to get a grip. Both tools are Australian deals that are, however, subject to a charge. If you like but can at least once to savor the 14 day trial period. In particular uFlix allows access to all regional services from Netflix.

Netflix VPN HolaHola enjoy all US series on Netflix

Free VPN client: Hola

Another alternative, currently also still one of the unblocked Netflix VPN tools Hola. The client is available for both the browser as well as an app. Here you can download the rest, the Hola App.

Who wants to use Hola for the browser, can the download between different options choose, among other things, whether you want to use the P2P option or not. After installation, the icon of Hola in the browser is displayed. This is accessed by clicking: The user can then select the country that is to be fooled when using Netflix as a location. The US offers itself in any case, because there the offer is most extensive. The country can switch at any time, Hola can also be switched off as required.