With Iconion Free users build individual icons on the modular principle. The free icon editor conjures up in minutes graphic symbols in different resolutions. The editor of Iconion Free is based on the modular principle. First, one selects an appropriate icon from a wide selection of symbols. In step two you are your own icon one style by choosing an appropriate template. So to add the icon icon to, for example, a longer shadow or gradient. A clever feature provides Iconion Free with saving icons. In a kind of clipboard, the tool all the icons that have been 'built' during a program session noted. By clicking on 'Save' all graphics are either banned as PNG, JPG or BMP in one go to the hard drive. The resolution of the icons is between 32x32 up to 1024x2014 pixels. The creation of individual graphic symbols fun with Iconion Free. The offered free version offers compared to the paid version less style templates, but they are for daily use more than adequate. Developers also released the freeware for private use.

Limitations of Iconion Free

Only for private use free of charge.