Recover lost WhatsApp Chats: How It Works 2023

Recover lost WhatsApp Chats: How It Works

Quickly it happened: slipped Pointing and – oh dear! – the chat history is gone. But there is a remedy. How to recover accidentally deleted Restore WhatsApp chats can we explain in this article.

The small screen of your smartphone already sometimes has its pitfalls. The touch-screen operation and then these little buttons – for one or the other a fiddly affair. In particular Messenger, as the WhatsApp for Android download or WhatsApp for iPhone download, where you walk around tapping generally much on display are not always easy to handle. Once slipped or clicked on the wrong icon and suddenly the entire course is gone. But fortunately, WhatsApp has the risk of a mistake, a little limited – while there is a possibility of being able to restore important WhatsApp chats.

Restore WhatsApp chats

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Messages on WhatsApp can be deleted. That some might already have found accidentally. Others may have intentionally deleted a chat with a person with whom they no longer understood. But now the friendship is again flourished (or you want to double check that wrote such a crap Others … may indeed be) and the chat would be a good back. But do not despair: Messages can retrieve it – at least those who are not too up to date. provide the basis for the regular backups, which created the Messenger every 24 hours and you can also perform itself. And these backups – at best, of course, the latest – can be restored. Then deleted chats are back.

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NOTE: However, that all messages can not be recovered considering. All that have been sent since the last backup are gone once the backup is loaded. Incidentally, this also applies to all other messages from other chats that have arrived after the backup or sent. These too are then gone and can not recover because they have not been stored. But YOU’RE WELCOME not make the mistake and do after (accidentally) delete a chat that one wants to retrieve a backup. Then the chat is namely away and you have to fall back on an even older backup – and then still missing at the end more messages.

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Restoring Chats: First of all, check the last backup

First of all let me say that there are two backup options in WhatsApp and thus two ways to restore such. Both we introduce here.

  1. First of all, you should check if the regular backup was also performed by WhatsApp. That you can do very easily by you just open the Messenger and calls the settings from the top right menu.

  2. In the new screen, there is the entry chats. Open it and you will find the entry chat backup. If you click on it, you up the last backup is displayed.

  3. If the current day appears as the last backup (usually the backup at 2am recorded), you are safe. Also, when using your backups regularly (this also can be adjusted daily) in the cloud (ie Google Drive or iCloud) store let. If the backup back not too long, you can start relatively lossless now to update this last backup.

Restore Backups: How to

Now the paths diverge a bit, depending on whether you want to use a stored in the cloud backup or that has been stored locally one. Let’s start, so you can restore WhatsApp chats with the restoration of the cloud backups. In the cloud only the most recent backup is always saved, so also only allows this to restore. So you should you be sure that the deleted chat in this backup is still contained. In addition, the relevance of this backup is always important when you have made the last backup. Do you have the automatic save feature that is set to only weekly or monthly, your backup could be quite old.

  1. For loading the backup WhatsApp must first be uninstalled. This can be easily done via the menu.

  2. The next step is to install the app and again from the Google Play Store, AppStore or from us. While WhatsApp will be refurbished and the number of verified, a request appears asking if you want to restore the chat history.

  3. Confirmed this message and your last chat history is replayed – including the long-lost Chat.

If an old backup file to be restored, the procedure is kept a little more complicated. Here you have to go via a local backup:

WhatsApp chats restore backup device

  1. Opens your file manager. Should you do not have, you must first install one. Most smartphones organize your files are already in a pre-installed manager called My Documents.

  2. Seek the WhatsApp folder. It can be found either in the device memory or SD memory.

  3. In WhatsApp folder is the subfolder Databases, where the backups in the form msgstore-YYYY-MM-TT.db.crypt12 can be found. Searches the file with the date that suits you and renames it msgstore.db.crypt12 around. The numbers in the crypt-part may Not be changed.

  4. Now WhatsApp is uninstalled and reinstalled afterwards. During verification, the possibility of recovery should now be offered again.

With these routes you should your WhatsApp can restore chats. Fortunately WhatsApp has made accidentally deleting a bit less likely. It may still happen. So: Watch out!