With the mufin player Download manage music fans not only the local music collection. The manager pursues an original concept, in which he sorted songs found for the sound and thus always displays similar songs together - now available in the free version.

mufin player Download as an intelligent manager for your music collection

But not enough, tags and renames mufin player found tracks on demand automatically and thus puts an end to false or not named music on the hard drive. Favorite songs can be shared with friends or acquaintances of a button via Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM. But not only that: The earlier than mufin musicfinder named media center brings even a free online storage. Here you stack up to 200 songs or 1 gigabyte of music in the free version. The Mufin.drive is henceforth automatically both in the player, how ready using the mufin website. Even playlists can be created in an instant with mufin player: While listening to a song, just click on "Create Playlist"And mufin automatically tinkering a playlist of songs that were part of the current match.

Alternatively mufin player takes a few clicks to millions of songs from the manufacturer's website. Particularly interesting in mufin player: The representation of music with mufin vision - this music is represented as a star in a virtual music universe - thematically fitting arranged. Thus one finds in flight by its own music universe certainly one or the other forgotten baby back on the hard drive. Besides offering mufin player still sync with MP3 players, iTunes, etc., and of course also cover albums are displayed. CDs can be ripped and imported vice versa can also directly from mufin player playlists are burned as an audio CD.

mufin player Download