Redeem Audible voucher and give away – Here’s how

With the Audible coupon can booklovers other or yourself prepare a gift. describes which deals worth and how to make your loved ones happy!

Audible offers the world of audio books. Whether you listen to the latest crime in the mindless work on the PC or wants to spice up his English while traveling by train after downloading the Audible app: The selection of titles is terrific. About 200,000 audio books are available in the fields of thriller, fantasy, science fiction, thrillers, novels, historical novels, classics, humor & Comedy, economy & Career, Education & Knowledge, leisure & Life to discover language courses, child and youth-audiobooks.

Audible coupon: An audio book free

Who wants to try this overwhelming variety binding, can with a free trial month. With the trial subscription to an audio book can be selected from the complete range. Thanks to around 20 000 titles at half the price even two books during the trial period can be heard completely free. And the best part: Once purchased songs remain any termination in the user's library and can be heard as often. The subscription is always conveniently online or by phone terminated. This Audible voucher can be redeemed through the website, however, applies only once for new customers.

Audible couponAudible coupon for a free month

Give Audible coupon

Who wants to surprise others with an audiobook, you can give away a coupon - which is optionally available as a subscription or as a single title. This site leads to the offer overview.

give a specific book

If you want to give away no subscription, but a very specific audio book, you only need an Audible account. After registration, the desired title can be selected. On the right side below the actual shopping cart you will find the option as a gift. This will open a new tab, in the first of the appropriate card motif is selected for different occasions. In addition, a message can be entered with a maximum of 300 characters. The audio book can be present as an email or as a printed copy in person either. A decision on the variant via e-mail, an exact date can be set as the delivery date. Following the gift only has to be carried to the virtual checkout and paid.

Audible coupon for a titleVoucher for a title

order a subscription

Did they just not find a suitable book in mind, with the might be happy to beschenkende person, a subscription offers. This is optionally available for three, six or twelve months. ten euros are due per month gave away, which, however - in contrast to the traditional subscription - are to be settled with time. Similar to the above option, the donor can choose from a variety of shooting cards and decide which way the chosen one will receive his gift. The subscription will automatically terminate the remainder after the expiration of the period booked.

Audible coupon SubscriptionPrice overview of Geschenkeabos; Images: Audible