Boot UI Tuner

Of the Boot UI Tuner Download makes the boot process of Windows 8 flexible. The freeware is desired access to various boot options and simplified in legacy mode using boot managers for parallel OS installations.

More startup options for Windows 8 Tuner by boat UI Download

Boot UI Tuner comes with no installation of Windows 8th By checkboxes to select which options or display elements appear during the boot process on the monitor. For example, the assistant shows off advanced startup options such as Safe Mode, debugging mode or driver signing. In addition, the user can boot with UI Tuner affect the display of on-screen graphics during the boot process. So the freeware suppresses the release of the Windows logo or on-hold circuit at startup if desired.

Boot UI Tuner Download

Practical: If you activate the Legacy Boot Menu option, conventional boot manager for Windows 7 can be used for parallel installation of multiple operating systems. Boot UI Tuner provides useful options for booting Windows 8. In particular, who computer with dual-boot configuration and Windows wants to operate 8, takes place in the free workers the right tool.