Level9 Paperless Office gives users a flexible document, acquisition and archiving system at hand. The document manager and organizer scans paper documents and convert them for archiving to digital formats to. Level9 Paperless office records both electronic and paper-based documents on the computer. Whether contracts, invoices, statements, documents, notes, letters or already digital documents - Level9 Paperless Office integrates all documents into a uniform management and archiving system. With the paperless office in Level9 integrated search functions can be found via full text or keyword in the document manager stored records. The included OCR character recognition are also editable formerly as paper documents on documents accessible and searchable. With the print function, documents can also print if necessary. In addition to the document archiving Level9 Paperless Office includes a built-in scheduler. So users can be reminded of notice periods, tasks and other appointments. A sophisticated access management for corporate networks complete the document manager. Level9 Paperless Office can move into tangible reach the dream of a paperless workplace. However, for the document manager really makes do with less paper, the user must bring into the digital format consistently incoming paper documents.

Limitations of Level9 Paperless Office

The manufacturer does not have the limitations of the trial version.