Adblock Edge for Firefox

Adblock Edge for Firefox

The browser add-on Adblock Edge Firefox reliably blocks advertisements when calling websites. Unlike many other Werbebelockern be blocked with this extension, the so-called “acceptable ads”. Free Add-ons for Firefox, there are now as many as a penny. Many of these are very useful for the user, others do not. One of the most useful for users of the browser Mozilla is certainly the extension Adblock Firefox Edge. The extension blocked after installation rigorously all the ads that miss the operators of blogs and Web sites their sides and thus represent often the only way to generate revenue.

Adblock Edge Firefox

Adblock Edge Firefox also prevents “acceptable ads”

Without ads there would not be many sites. However, the tolerance threshold for many users is obviously different. What one appears utterly disturbing and undesirably distract him from the actual content, is a welcome link tip for other users. An example of this are for example the AdWords ads on the Google hit list that are matched to the users’ queries. Many developers of so-called left AdBlockern the user therefore largely free hand in fine-tuning. Thus, the user can allow advertising, giving it appear less intrusive for example, a certain way.

Adblock Edge Firefox in use

Adblock Edge is offshoot of Adblock Plus

By default, a “moderate” ad blocker is in many AdBlockern so on, the advertisements in the category of so-called “acceptable ads” permits, so ads that so many pop-up ads appear less intrusive in difference. Not so the extension Adblock Edge for Firefox. Who has installed this ad blocker, blocked exception any advertisements. Strictly speaking it concerns with Adblock Edge is a branch of the famous Adblock Plus version 2.1.2. This branch includes all the features that are included in Adblock Plus, with the exception that just the “acceptable ads” feature is not integrated.

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What to consider when installing the rigorous Ad Blockers

Installing Adblock Edge Firefox is just slightly out of hand like so many other add-ons. However, it is after the initial installation should be noted that the expansion will only recognize the websites that you call straight, and that you have to teach the filter list, so to speak, which elements should be blocked.

Adblock Edge Firefox Installation

When you first install the extension automatically lead to a Filter List, based on the language settings of the browser. In addition, there are two more public filter lists, namely EasyList and Fanboy’s List for the English-speaking world. German users can access the EasyList Germany + EasyList. An overview on all filter lists can be found on the website However, you should integrate too many filter lists because they can slow down the browsing speed. Easy to use AdBlocker for radical Ad objectors Who wants to dispense without exception to any kind of weave when surfing, with Adblock Edge Firefox on the right track. Installation is as with other Firefox extensions very quickly by the hand and also the manual integration of filter lists is very simple. However, it is important to note here is that too many filter lists the extra surfing speed which is brought about by blocking the ads, is partially offset.