Microsoft Flight

Microsoft Flight is Hobbypiloten rise in virtual skies. The freeware flight simulator comes up with two types of aircraft and a mission. The control is performed using the keyboard and mouse or joystick. Microsoft flight simulator is for many years for the reference under the PC flight simulators. With Microsoft Flight Simulator, the number experiencing their first update since 2006. For the latest version you do not have to pay more for it, but only two types of aircraft and a flight mission over Hawaii are included. In addition to an Icon A5 of the recreational pilot takes after a free registration either in a Boeing Stearman place. In the free basic version of player Big Iceland, the largest of the Hawaiian Islands about flying. Either this one follows prescribed tasks or explore the landscape on their own. Guests can play customizable weather and light conditions. The much maligned in previous versions complex flight control Microsoft took the opportunity to make Microsoft Flight beginner-friendly. A tutorial also leads "Newbies" to their virtual ticket. Microsoft Flight is a new start in the history of the Redmond flight simulator. Kings of the PC-air lift from only with the free basic version, more content must be purchased. It is encouraging that now even beginners will find easier access to their first flight adventure. That therefore a simulator feeling is lost, is certainly bearable. Who is looking for an alternative that does not have much choice. The range of freeware flight simulators is not particularly abundant. The graphics of easyScript advanced looks a bit dowdy, unlike Microsoft Flight, this one has here from the start access to more aircraft models.

Further information on the free flight simulator: Microsoft Flight Download available