WhatsApp Fails: The Top 10 weirdest Chats

WhatsApp Fails: The Top 10 weirdest Chats

WhatsApp FailsOur top 10 most embarrassing gathered chat mishaps of WhatsApp history. Here’s the best car corrections & Misunderstandings of the brightest candle on the cake.

After downloading WhatsApp for Android or iPhone to hear finally this: At present, WhatsApp has 700 million active users a month. And send 30 billion messages – and the day! At these levels the one or other mishap can already be fabricated. Whether accidentally or on purpose, whether due to AutoCorrect, or due to a transceiver dilemmas. How have compiled the top 10 best WhatsApp dialogs.

WhatsApp Fails ambiguous, frivolous or politically incorrect

Ultimately, it’s probably already happened once each: a hastily typed message or an AutoCorrect recognized too late and already the gaffe happened. Here is our best-off of the circulating on the network WhatsApp Fails

Cursed AutoCorrect

OK. something to write with the best intentions, but the AutoCorrect knows better. By now, the tool is installed by default on almost all devices – and for good reason: It can type faster and facing not noted as fast as shit were spelling and grammar for the life histories. But that can backfire, this WhatsApp show Fails

WhatsApp FailsWhatsApp Fails of fb.com/autokorrekturfehler

Language is the source of all misunderstandings

WhatsApp is generally regarded as a relationship killer. Who does not know this uncomfortable feeling in my stomach: HE / SHE / IT is online, but does not respond to the last message. Apparently there are (female) People who make it to track the online status of your contact hours motionless – without even even blink. But that’s not the only reason why Messenger complicate some relationship, instead of simplifying them. The fast-typed messages can be like to interpret in any direction and misinterpret, as evidenced by these Fails

WhatsApp Fails misunderstandingsSource: WhatsApp.Fail on Instagram
WhatsApp Fails SchokokussSource: WhatsApp.Fail on Instagram

Haters gonna hate

And then of course there are people who are just bad, bad, spawns of hell, evil demons or Prince of Darkness. They delight in the suffering of others and gain their life force from the misfortune of Ange Texteten. Perhaps they have even a very special sense of humor and want their environment can participate in this. The funniest – albeit macabre in approaches – Results Mephistophelian WhatsApp users can be found here:

WhatsApp Fails Haters gonna hateSource: WhatsApp.Fail on Instagram

Not enough? Here’s more WhatsApp Fails

Meanwhile, the typos via WhatsApp have become the viral superstar. Reason enough to free them from the social media and ban on paper. This is what happened in the literary masterpiece Damn you Autocorrect! Meanwhile, there are several volumes of the series – ordered via Amazon or in any well-stocked bookstores.