change the new tab page in Chrome – how it works!

always the same page is displayed by default in Chrome in a new tab. Find out now how to get the can change new tab page in Chrome.

Chrome is by far the most used browser worldwide because of its numerous additional features, personalization options and surfing speed. Here you can download the latest version of Google Chrome for free. As in most browsers, it is also possible with Google Chrome to open different tabs in a window. To change the new tab page in Chrome, we recommend requires a small additional program, since this function is not supported by the Google browser.

New Tab page change in Chrome with New Tab Redirect

Since the function to change the New Tab page is not supported by Chrome, you have to help with a small and free extension. With the addon New Tab Redirect it is in fact easily possible to set a page that is called when a new tab is opened. How this works is explained.

Conditions a "New tab" - define page:

To change the New Tab page in Chrome, it is recommended to install the latest version of Google Chrome. To download the add-ons have an Internet connection is required. Alternatively, the program can also be downloaded to another PC and install via USB stick.

Thus one determines the page that is loaded when you open a new tab:

To the New Tab page change in Chrome, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Download the free addons "New Tab Redirect" from the Chrome Web Store

  2. Installation of Addons "New Tab Redirect" double-click.

  3. Now the options of the add-with one click on "Set Options" be called.New Tab page change with Chrome

  4. Here the required URL to be loaded when you open a new tab, under "Redirect URL" be entered. Care should be taken to ensure that the full URL, including "http: //" is entered in the field / pasted.

  5. By clicking on the button "Save" the settings are saved and when you open a new tab, the specified URL is automatically loaded.