Of the velioKalkulation download is a specially created for building cleaners calculation system and includes the manufacturer the experience of countless years of employment in the sector. The core of the calculation is a dynamic calculation sheet with hundreds of stored values ​​from practice office, industrial cleaning, winter service and green area care.

velioKalkulation download as an offer software specifically for the room and building cleaning

In addition to working time requirements for a variety of floor, window and infrastructure types, the library of velioKalkulation also knows all the relevant values ​​for chemicals and other consumables. Also part of the costs for equipment deployment and use are considered. Based on the detected in the spreadsheet quantities, areas, units, and the kind of desired work hours, chemicals and materials are collected from the calculation library and calculates the cost of the contract per use or monthly fee. On the basis of this information selling prices can be completed and a first contribution in velioKalkulation be calculated.

From the spreadsheet out you can easily create an offer for the customer and edit Word by Microsoft and print. The spreadsheet also contains an archive of the services offered to reuse in new offerings. Various print and export functions as a bid document and a room book complete the offer software specifically targeted at the room and building cleaning.

velioKalkulation download