Tweak-XP Pro

Tweak-XP Pro brings Windows XP back in shape. The tuning assistant provides users with an extensive range of tools to the side, the clean up, for example, the registry and hard drives. Because over time accumulate errors and unnecessary garbage here, the PC becomes increasingly slow and unstable. Especially a suboptimal registry leads to a crash of the computer and to fatal data loss in the worst case. Here Tweak-XP Pro intervenes helpful. but the tuner not only optimizes PC performance as such, but also casts a critical eye on the Internet connection. Here brings Tweak-XP Pro still so many extra bytes out per second. Internally installed hardware does not escape the eye of the guards optimizer. Not only that, the user fits his system with Tweak-XP Pro looks more to his own taste. Note: For Windows Vista users is available, Windows 7User access Tweak-7 TweakVI the same manufacturer for download. Also new: Tweak-8 for Windows 8th

Limitations of Tweak-XP Pro

The trial version is limited to 30 program starts.