move images to SD Card: A photo for Facebook here, an image of Instagram here and the phone memory is full - impossible to install an app. So one gives the Android breathe again!

The cameras in smartphones are getting better, so what is more natural to use these. However, the good cameras also have a good resolution and is noticeable by a corresponding file size. Dividing these images - for example, after WhatsApp for Android download - even with friends or family store some additional copies of Messenger on the local device. It does not take long and the storage volume of the Android device is exhausted and nothing works anymore. Whose device with an SD card works that can easily bypass the problem.

SD card move images to relieve the memory

An SD card works in the smartphone similar to a USB flash drive to the computer. Depending on the operating system applications and / or files such as photos and images can be moved to this card to relieve the built-in memory.

So you go step by step

If you want to move photos and images to the SD card, proceed as follows:

  • First, the main menu.
  • Here the yellow folder is selected, which is called My Documents.
  • In the next step, the Own Images are clicked.
  • This opens a new window that lists all subfolders containing images.
  • Now choose the folder from which images you want to move to the SD card.

move images to SD Cardmove images to SD Card: Here's how!

  • Following the images can be selected to be moved.
  • If you have finished selecting the icon must be selected in the right corner. It consists of horizontal lines and a small triangle.
  • It opens from the Move option and is chosen as the location following SD Memory Card is a drop-down menu to move the images to the SD card

move images to SD Card: Selection of imagesMark selected images with a check mark.

  • Now automatically opens the selected location and the operation can be confirmed with the option to move subheadings and complete.

Images on SD card and move confirmAll-shifted images are now on the SD Card.

Following the images in the My Documents folder appear under the path / storage / extSDCard. An overview in the bottom of the screen tells you how many items have been moved. Now, the photos can be transferred to the computer - if it has a card reader. Here, however, the variation of the data transmission is to be performed quickly and easily with a USB cable. Images were accidentally moved, the process can be undone by repeating steps one through nine and the option device is chosen storage instead of disk space SD memory card.