Yandex Browser

With free Yandex Browser download users get a modern browser made by Yandex. but the browser stands out not only because of his refreshingly different designs from, including turbo-speed, stealth mode and virus scanners are compelling features.

Yandex Browser Download: Russian competitor

developed the Web browser, as you might have suspected the name of the Russian Internet company Yandex. A first version was released in October 2012, and was the answer to Mozilla projects, Firefox in Russia extradite only with the Google search engine. The developers set the browser next versions of Windows and Mac OS X, Android and iOS ready. The download here offered by Yandex Browser is the German-language version of Windows.

Yandex Browser download

Simple installation of the browser

Since the browser software is around 115 MB, the download, depending on your Internet connection, take a little. The browser installation runs smoothly without many steps and is therefore done quickly. After the installation process, the user has to make its search engine, which he would like to surf the future determine. The offer Google, DuckDuckGo and of course Yandex stand. This setting can be adjusted at any time afterwards.

Modern look of the Internet browser Yandex

After download and installation, the user faces a very modern browser interface that largely dispense with frills. For the user first should seem unusual lack of address and menu bar. Elements that the user does not need to be hidden. What remains is a transparent surface that comes modern and appealing, but calmly. Also unusual placement of tabs appears. These are not arranged above the web pages, but under it.

Yandex Browser Download stealth mode

Extensive, characteristic function range

In addition to the fresh design of the Russian browser software can also score with two special features. On the one hand it contains a virus scanner that checks automatically download files to dangers. The other feature applies to the sensitive issue user data. Thus, the user has the possibility to more actively with the stealth mode additional protection. This ensures that third-party cookies, online trackers are so blocked. Although assured Yandex that no user data is recorded and evaluated, but with the stealth mode anyone can play it safe.Another difference from the competition is the search. one enters one's search query, the user displays matching results in real time. Anyone typing a web address directly, also receives only the associated web page.

Yandex Browser Download Search

Standard features on board

Besides the two unique features of Yandex Browser also has features on board that everyone should already know from other browsers. So Yandex also has a bookmark manager, incognito mode, an autofill for forms, a password manager and a sync function settings, etc. In addition, the videos can activate a turbo mode, compressed and faster surfing allowed. The stocking and adjusting the browser is also possible with add-ons.