the free Warning Weather App the German Weather Service (DWD) supplied in addition to the emergency services of civil protection and all owners of smartphones or tablets with important about the current weather situation and offers an excellent overview of the current weather and warning situation for Germany.

Severe weather warnings directly to your smartphone or tablet with the warning weather app

The new "official" Warning weather app warns of DWD free and ad from weather hazards to save with the early and ubiquitous warnings of severe weather life and to prevent damage. The app can thereby adapt quite well to the personal information needs. Individually configurable warning elements and warning levels are available. are mentioned as a target group of the app DWD addition to the entire population in Germany, the forces of disaster relief specifically. This illustrates that it is a professional warning Weather App with high standards.

Warning Weather App

Meteorological kit for weather and storms

At a glance you can see national and local weather and severe weather information. The user turns on the app of the National Weather Service in a meteorological Prefabricated self-together at which weather developments informing and how he would like to be warned. Useful is the ability to choose for individual places severe weather warnings for specific criteria such as heavy rain or storm. The warning Weather app shows the weather information with pictures of the latest satellite and weather radar films. Numerous accompanying information on the current warning situation of cloud predictions up to animated temperature trends, are available. The region of the representations can be freely selected by Zoom, ranging from a European overview to regional cut-outs.

Warning Weather app alert levels

The warning levels can be set individually

A warning monitor vividly presents the predicted storm tracks of thunderstorm cells and the spread of rain and snowfall areas. Weather phenomena and warning levels can be set as well as the observed locations. The user can define multiple sites and regions for which he would like to be henceforth warned separately. Once the risk situation changes significantly, you get a warning on the smartphone or tablet using switchable alarm function. If desired, additional traffic information in the Android app can unlock.

Recent satellite images of the DWD weather radar and Meteosat

Impressively, the high-resolution images and movies of the DWD weather radar, the weather satellite Meteosat and the predictions warning events such as storms and heavy rain are. All graphics and animations are explained by information pages and it can be shown also detailed explanations of the warning area.

Warning Weather App storm

The main features of the warning weather app of the DWD in the overview:

  • Official warnings of weather hazards such as storms or heavy rain
  • Information on the development of the warning area with graphics, animations and texts
  • Warning elements and warning levels are individually adjustable
  • Germany-wide overview of the Severe weather
  • Switchable alarm function when changing the regional Severe weather
  • Severe weather videos from the DWD Weather Studio
  • Warning monitor displays Tracks of thunderstorm cells
  • Weather forecasts Europe and locally
  • Recent satellite images
  • Traffic information from Google

Warning Weather App for Android with reliable warnings

The free and ad-free app of the German Weather Service not only provides a reliable warning of severe weather, but also precise weather forecasts for acceptable weather conditions. The features are extensive, without the operator and overview suffer. The warning Weather app requires Android OS 2.3.3 or higher. Those looking for more weather forecast tools for free download, will find in our extensive software catalog.