Of the Christmas Tales Download includes a beautiful collection of German Christmas stories, Christmas stories and Christmas stories.

Christmas stories Download with Christmas stories from the last 400 years

Weihnachtsgeschichten.org provided free of charge the Christmas stories in a web app. The prose and thoughts at Christmas were thereby taken out of antiquarian books. The prepared Christmas stories and Christmas stories come from the last 400 years and form a beautiful collection of historic Christmas stories.

Christmas Tales DownloadChristmas stories Download with 26 old and new Christmas stories

Contemplative and funny Christmas stories for lectures for children and adults

Whether you simply looking for a fun Christmas story, longer Christmas stories for reading aloud, merry Christmas stories to think, demanding Christmas stories for adults or entertaining Christmas stories for children - here the reader will certainly find it.

Christmas stories Download Christmas StoryA Christmas story for children

The following 26 Christmas stories are for reading, reading and reflection available;

  • Rock crystal (Adalbert Stifter)
  • Bethlehem (Alban Stolz)
  • Bärbels Christmas (Ottilie Wildermuth)
  • The first prayer of Christ after birth (Martin of Kochem)
  • The holy evening (Friedrich Naumannn)
  • The Christmas Eve (Christoph von Schmid)
  • The three offerings (Alban Stolz)
  • The first trip of the Infant Jesus (Martin of Kochem)
  • The morning Mass (Franz Anton Staudenmaier)
  • The nativity scene at home (Christoph von Schmid)
  • By fog for clarity (Dora Schlatter)
  • A Christmas presents (Wilhelm Jensen)
  • A Christmas history (Dora Schlatter)
  • A Christmas journey to the old Prussian land (Bogumil Goltz)
  • Mrs Ursula Clause (Theodor Meyer-Merian)
  • Peace on earth (Adolf Schmitthenner)
  • Blessed are You, Jesus Christ (Dora Schlatter)
  • Nun freut euch (Dora Schlatter)
  • Christmas (Adalbert Stifter)
  • Christmas at the line (Dora Schlatter)
  • Christmas at Theodor Storm (Gertrud Storm)
  • Christmas in the German home (Gustav Freytag)
  • Christmas in the nacelle (Heinrich Lersch)
  • Christmas in the forest (Guido Hammer)
  • Weihnachtszauber (Agnes Günther)
  • Who has the greatest joy? (Dora Schlatter)

PDF Christmas collections of stories, poems, sayings and songs

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