Thoosje Windows Sidebar 8 brings the popular with many users toolbar on Windows 8 back to the desktop. As known for Vista, placing there the variety of mini-applications for quick access directly from the workstation. What the small beneficial insects is to receive Thoosje Windows Sidebar 8, each user is left to itself. From the factory, however, the freeware brings the same eleven of the popular helper with the computer. Among these, about one Auslastungs knife Processor and Memory, a quick launcher for frequently used programs or even a reader for RSS newsfeeds find. but Thoosje Windows Sidebar 8 can be adapted to the needs of their users not only technical, but also in graphic terms. Thus, the sidebar offers several transparency variants and imported by the user selected background images. And if not enough the gadgets offered, found on the website of the manufacturer of the numerous other small tools prior to download.