still not really in the Christmas mood? With the Christmas 2015 App can help out a bit and in the mood for the celebration of love users. The Android application combines a countdown until 24 December and an Advent calendar with various surprises.

Christmas 2015 app increases daily anticipation

For those who are working all year just going to this festival, for there is nothing better than the pre-Christmas period and the hinfiebern on the day of the mess, the app actually belongs to the basic equipment. So she makes with only two small features for continuous voltage increase: A countdown and an Advent calendar. Overall, the Christmas is held in 2015 Android application is very simple - no frills, no distraction. Both functions can be accessed from the home page. For this, it comes with a cute attractive design to your smartphone.

Christmas 2015 App

X-Mas app counts the days

Who knows impromptu how many days there are until Christmas Eve? No idea? No problem - just the job takes over the Christmas 2015 App. She brings a countdown function that counts down by Dec 24th. She does not begin until December or shortly before to -who wants can display up to Christmas, the day in the summer or spring. The countdown ends on 24 December at exactly 17 o'clock. The display includes not only the day but also the hours, minutes and even seconds.

Christmas 2015 Advent Calendar App

Christmas 2015 Android contains Advent

Impatient who want prefer to tear up all the same gifts for the whole countdown ticking to get into the app in addition a small taste of the mess. So the Christmas app also includes a cute Christmas calendar. On a lovely winter landscape 24 small gifts were distributed to keep ready a surprise every day from the first of December.

Which increases the fun factor is that the packets nice neatly lined up not just from one to 24, but that they were colorful diced mixed up. So the user must first day looking for the right door - this increases the anticipation again.

Behind the Gift door entirely different surprises hide. For example, users can look around Christmas including on small pictures. It also serves delicious Christmas recipes, animated images and quizzes.