Of the Time account Download assist in the detection of working hours and the evaluation of overtime. The shareware provides detailed analyzes of their own daily, weekly and monthly working hours.

Download time account constitutes overtime and extra work

On quite clear way time account presents the overall evaluations and constitutes overtime and extra work. Alternatively, separation of the operations directly in the program or by an Excel file. Those who use Microsoft Outlook, you can import the timesheets directly into its local account. All data is stored in an open XML file, so that they can easily manage and edit for example in MS Excel.

Good cooperation with Microsoft Outlook

The operation of the working hours-manager turns out to be fairly straightforward. The user enters the main window simply a his working hours including overtime. The Shareware can occur on both the workstation and at home for use as the data exchange information reliably and can be imported. To both databases to keep in sync, it sends the time recording via e-mail to his own Outlook mailbox.

Time account Download

Time account also takes into account the work breaks

The home screen is divided into four areas. Top left are the fields for the time recording. For this one selects the desired date and the start and end time in hours and minutes. Of course, the shareware takes into account the work breaks. On request, the specific activity can be recorded in a text box. In the area including automatic calculation of overtime after week, month, year, and overall.

Timesheets can be changed later in time account

A table lists the top right of all time values ​​already recorded. With a double click on the user changes a time recording or delete them using the right mouse button. The choice of working hours All displayed by month and year. Bottom right overtime are displayed. The bars illustrate the respective last 12 months in a plus-minus index.

Time account Download Settings

Trial version only reads the data up to the 30th day of the month

The shareware version can be used indefinitely, but has two limitations. For one, a shareware Note that only disappears after 30 seconds appears at startup, and on the other hand only hours can be recorded until the 30th day of each current month. Many other programs on "working hours" includes our extensive software catalog.

Limitations of time account

Time recording is possible in the trial only by the 30th day of the current month.