Withdrawal letter

Withdrawal letter

the free Letter of cancellation download serves as a perfect sample letter to the revocation of contracts. Who has signed a purchase agreement and changed her shortly afterwards otherwise, may revoke this revocation template within a statutory period of two weeks. So you can withdraw the objection letter from certain contracts easily again, among other things, all by telephone, fax, letter or Internet transactions concluded and at the doorstep.

Revocation letter Download: Cancellation template for legal transactions and sales contracts

How to put on a revocation letter? This is a question many consumers who inadvertently or thoughtlessly a contract at the front door, have completed on the Internet or on the phone. However, it is not too late to terminate the purchase agreement again: The contracts can be revoked within the statutory period of 14 days, unless a different period has been agreed. However, the Treaty of withdrawal must be in writing. It is no longer enough simply to give the goods back only.

Letter of cancellation downloadRevocation letter Download: Cancellation template as a PDF sample letter for completed via telephone or Internet transactions

The letter of cancellation has no justification

The right of withdrawal is (BGB) in ยง 355 Civil Code regulated and serves to protect consumers. With the withdrawal of consumers and entrepreneurs are no longer tied to their directed at the conclusion of the contract declarations of intent. One reason for the revocation does not have to be delivered. It is quite enough that the consumer notifies to revoke his decision in writing to the seller.

Revocation comply within 14 days!

What deadlines are strictly observed? The statutory cancellation period is 14 days and begins on the contract. If the cancellation is submitted within this period, the consumer complies with these correctly. Of course, he must return the received benefits immediately in the event of cancellation, which come on the seller when revoking the cost of returning the goods.

Revocation template as appropriate PDF pattern for revocation letter

The revocation template serves as a useful pattern for a letter of cancellation and saves users time and effort. It also ensures that no formal mistakes are made and the contract cancellation is formulated clearly in writing. Therefore, we recommend using the PDF template to formulate the withdrawal.

Revocation letter template downloadThis revocation letter template you can again withdraw from contracts within 14 days.

Revocation pattern with additional sample template

Another tip: contracts of any kind should always be carefully considered and be in peace. Therefore, beware of doorstep selling, where the seller can put some pressure to make a signature on the purchase contract! If this is still happening, which overran consumer has with the revocation letter Download nevertheless a useful pattern for the writing of a written revocation at hand. Simply sets the revocation original 1: 1 copy in a new document and fill the placeholders with the personal information. An additional sample template helps in trouble.