3D Builder

The free app 3D Builder should (still few) delight owners of a 3D printer. From the tile surface of your Windows 8.1 PC freeware sends appropriate data to produce three-dimensional objects on the promising hardware. Ex works 3D Builder comes with a small selection of already pre-made 3D models, including useful as well as more decorative, but more fun Tinnef or toys for the younger generation. So can a complete model train, including locomotives, wagons and routes as well as produce bakeware, picture frames, Halloween pumpkins or clacking dentures. However, 3D Builder does not limit its users to the integrated parts. The Merge Wizard also imports 3D models of the formats OBJ, STL and 3MF, downloaded which produces about custom shapes in programs like SketchUp or Blender and printed, or the net circulating objects and can be sent to the printer.