With iPin the user creates a master password with which he manages all other passwords and bank account information secure and encrypted. Moreover, the tool offers the possibility of synchronization with other devices, such as tablets or smartphones.

The iPin download for a better overview of all passwords

The download of this software is quick and easy. Installation is also rapidly vonstatten and immediately after the user can all his passwords and connection data encrypted by a master password to retrieve.

iPin download

This allows a better overview of all the passwords and the user is finally free of the bits of paper, which he led before to each password to write down somewhere. For a better overview, the possibility of categorizing to be encrypted passwords makes. Thus, the user has their passwords the same order in a list.

How encryption works

Protected, the entire password of a user with the iPin download by a 256 bit AES encryption. The even goes so far that even a safety mechanism is integrated in displaying the passwords: On the display are located in the display that is different numbers and codes so that third parties who may look to the user over the shoulder, not see that now the right is password. Like other password software address the security problems for free download, can be viewed here. is also nice the synchronization device to a third option, such as the smartphone or tablet. The user can manage all your passwords on any device with a single software and a single master password.

Both in layout and in the operation of a very well selected tool

The design of iPin is beautifully managed: Clearly, the different categories of saved passwords and any user present gets along immediately and intuitively with the security tool.

iPin download

The different categories include information on credit cards, home banking records, a data storage access to web pages and e-mail accounts. They also make it easier to navigate through the tool immensely and help that the user never loses track of the various credentials. The security tool for each device and each user A iPin Download worthwhile in any case. It is reliable, safe and easy to use. Moreover this software synchronizes the computer with just about any device that is Internet-enabled. In addition, the user interface still looks very chic. What does the user therefore more?