The wedding printer

Of the Wedding printer Download engages prospective brides and grooms to design their wedding newspaper under his arms. The free graphics program provides numerous templates, clipart and backgrounds for the design of the wedding newspaper.

Wedding printer Download with built-in tool

The finished result travels via the Internet or CD to print to a professional print shop. The wedding printer performs program newcomers with built-in wizard step by step through the design process. With design templates and built-in clipart obtained first ideas for the design of the wedding newspaper. Photos or text to build a future in the publication with a few mouse clicks. A comprehensive text database with more than 1,000 poems, quotes and humorous lyrics about marriage, love and happiness complete the freeware.

The actual printing outsources The Wedding Printer: The wedding newspaper is relayed via the Internet or CD to a professional printing company that produces the work cost in a selectable pad and paper quality. The finished newspaper wedding comes a few days later by mail back with the bride and groom on. The wedding printer facilitates bridal couples the way to a professional-looking wedding newspaper. The freeware provides with numerous funny templates without limiting the creativity of the Formative in the areas of photos and text.

Wedding printer Download