WhatsApp a hook? What could be the problem? We have all the reasons why a message does not arrive at the receiver and the possible solutions to the problem. learn more here!

for Android or iOS when a message is marked only with a hook after the download of WhatsApp, this conversation has been sent successfully, but has not yet landed on the phone of the contact. This significance of the check:

WhatsApp a hookWhatsApp is a catch: The news is out, but not yet arrived.

WhatsApp is a catch: The causes

If the message has been sent, is therefore arrived at the service, but can not be forwarded to the device of the receiver, a tick appears in WhatsApp. There may be reasons for this:

  1. The phone of the contact is turned off, for example because the battery is empty.
  2. The contact has enabled airplane mode on his smartphone.
  3. The contact is in a dead spot.
  4. The recipient has the option disabled Mobile data on his device and is therefore accessible to any service that work over the Internet.
  5. If the recipient uses an iPhone, it may be that he saw the pop-up notification on the display, but the WhatsApp has not yet opened.
  6. The contact has blocked communication.

In cases 1, 2 and 3 only helps to wait until the phone is turned on again or the flight mode is turned off or the contact is on the way in climates with a developed mobile network again. In Case 4 and 5 can demand via SMS or phone call and the concern, if necessary, clarified in this way. In the event of a blockage WhatsApp is no reliable evidence. According to the company by the privacy of the users to be protected. However, there are a few clues that indicate that it has been blocked by a contact:

  • The timestamp last online or online are no longer displayed. However, this may also be because of the contact, this function has been deactivated in its settings.
  • The profile picture is no longer updated or disappears altogether. Also this indication is not entirely clear, because the user can simply maintain his image or deleted.
  • WhatsApp calls are no longer possible. However, points 1 to 4 may be responsible for it.

If all three are true at the same time, chances are that you have been blocked, but quite high. If the message is still not delivered after a few days, you can go out actually one hundred percent of a disabling, if the smartphone was not stolen or deny other good reasons to contact the access to its device.

WhatsApp a hook in group chat

In Group Chat, the principle of hook behaves pretty much like in normal chat. However, the singular hook remains behind the message until all members have received the message on their device. Similarly, the check mark discolor only blue, though all contacts of this group opened the chat in the application and the message read here.