Google Earth

Google Earth

Google Earth grabs nothing less than the whole world on the computer. Of the free multimedia globe shows users high-resolution satellite images and maps of almost all regions of the world.

Download Google Earth with 3D models of buildings

but the 3D world atlas made by Google goes even further many steps. Of the Google Earth Download links the spatial data of map images, 3D models of buildings, a route planner and many other useful services like Street View and a local business directory. Google Earth was originally under the name "Keyhole" developed, acquired by Google in 2004 and renamed the software in Google Earth.

Google Earth Download

Standard among software atlases

The image data are now to be seen in Google Maps directly via the web browser. This Google Earth has lost a long-time standard among software atlases in the field of Geography something important. but still it is great fun, by downloading Google Earth to discover the world and take a 3D view above and below water.

Virtual flight to anywhere in the world

Mouse click at any point on earth can be driven on a virtual globe. zoom in virtual world travelers using the zoom to the last detail. With a view from space launch users with a Google Earth digital dive on places and buildings. The choice of the region is either via drag&Drop; or by entering a country, city or the complete address in the search. Extras like Directions, weather information and a business directory provide useful information.

Download Google Earth provides tour guides for more than 10,000 locations

The perspective is infinitely adjustable, so you can also be inclined to dive into the 3D landscapes. Here, the Google Earth download free displays important information, such as flight altitude, distance or geographical coordinates of the selected area. Using images from the Hubble Space Telescope can be close in on galaxies. Google Earth also supports videos from YouTube and binds photos in the map a. The current version includes tour guides for more than 10,000 locations around the world. A considerably grown number of cities is available as a 3D model.

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Download Google Earth Sightseeing

set markers in Google Earth and save them as placemarks

Google Earth also now offers an interface for Leap Motion. This hardware component is to like the Kinect controller of the Xbox 360 work and thus making the control of the virtual globe via gestures in front of the computer possible. The user can also get creative and additional provide information in the form of layers. These are displayed on the card surface. Markers can be set and saved as local brands. In this way also sets photos, notes, comments and videos, and notify them about the export and import format with other Google Earth friends.

Download Google Earth navigation

Taking panoramic views from the streets by Street View

Especially entertaining and informative is in the current Google Earth Download the integration of three-dimensional Street View image data. Since version 4.3, the all-round views of the streets of some areas are accessible. are now complete urban areas in the third dimension shown.

Fascinating journey into the past and to the moon

Also, let us travel and eyeing example, the historic London the virtual world atlas by Timeline in the past. The Google Ocean module enables three-dimensional journey through the underwater world of our planet. If the world is not even enough, there is Mars and the Moon as a 3D model including research data.