Xilisoft Video Splitter

Xilisoft Video Splitter divided on longer movies without much effort into shorter segments. The virtual cutting table provides this function for the currently popular video types, including flash and HD formats. Once imported, the film provides Xilisoft Video Splitter two different variants for the cut to choose from. The easier way is treading the automatic splitting. Here the user is either the desired number of parts, selects the file size of the segments or divides the clip in snippets of equal length. Who wants to lend a hand, sets individual crop marks. Thanks to an integrated player one at least has to be reasonably accurate cuts. Unfortunately, a timeline that help would be a really accurate splitting of the films is missing. For that Xilisoft Video Splitter converts edited files to on request in other formats. Here the film lover will find a number of predefined profiles that optimize the clip, for example, iPod, PSP or similar devices.