Of the Balabolka download brings a reader on the local computer. The text-to-speech program gets installed on the system computer voices advantage and reads DOC, PDF and HTML before. In addition, spoken texts can be saved as audio.

Balabolka download not only for users with low vision

How broad and complex the range of audio tools for download, this program shows from Russian home. Balabolka to German "chatter", is a text-to-speech software that allows the computer to read texts. The digital reader ensures accessibility and is therefore well suited for users with visual impairments. but the tool can also be used simply as a relief for the eyes times. In addition, the Balabolka brings download with a useful audio export function. So if you prefer to consume podcasts and audio books, can easily be turned into audio all text documents.

Balabolka download

Balabolka needed German voice

The text-to-speech tool reads easily stored documents and texts that are in the Windows clipboard before. The program supports the reading PDFs, DOCs, RTF and HTML files. For the setting of the text, the software uses the so-called Microsoft Speech API, so the preloaded voices in the system. If you have inserted text into the window of the read-aloud tool, the user must now select the speaker on the Options command in the menu bar. Some users will encounter at this point only to Microsoft Anna, whose native language is American English. This voice comes with German lyrics not get along particularly well. In this case, users must upgrade a German voice, to use Balabolka. With the offered by Microsoft Text-to-speech package, you can install the two German spokesman Stefan and Steffi.

control speech output as needed

If the conditions now given to the German voices, the user is faced with an easy to use program. The texts can the corresponding commands from the menu bar or simply by copy & Paste be inserted. The reader can now be adjusted by simple actions as needed. For example, the pitch can be made on a predefined scale by 10 steps of higher or lower. The same applies to the speech rate, which can be regulated to suit your mood. You might want to read along the text in the program window. For this purpose, as are adjustable font size and color.

Balabolka Download Font Color

Audio Tool stores setting as an audiobook

Who does not want to use adhoc, but later the message reader, can save the setting of all texts as an audio file. The program allows you to save in WMA, WAV, MP3, MP4 and OGG. Thanks to batch, even larger amounts set to music texts can easily draw on the Smartphone or MP3 player.

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