The cam tool gives video conversations with funny graphics and animation an entertaining added value. In addition, the camera in several programs can be used simultaneously.

ManyCam Download as multifunctional camera software

The program integrates itself as a virtual camera in Windows that can control almost any software with camera support. With the ManyCam download can be integrated in parallel in a plurality of chat a webcam. The freeware shares a video recording into multiple transfers. Once in the chat program ManyCam Virtual Webcam was selected as Hauptcam, can be simultaneously view multiple applications in a camera image. The supported services and applications include: Skype, Camfrog, MSN, ICQ, SightSpeed, YouTube, AIM,, iVideoChat, Yahoo, blogTV, Live Stream.

In addition, the software provides the ability to choose between up to six video sources for transmission. In the free download of ManyCam only three variants blend between individual feeds are included, unfortunately. As channels to images already existing videos, alternative cameras, mobile camera or a live screen sharing be used. This last feature is very useful, since Skype has taken this option from the free offer.

provided with the Manycam video chats with effects

The freeware combines many options that can be met only separately from other add-ons for Webcams. This software static and dynamic graphics can show in the video window that gets the other person to see. From a professional-looking transfer with picture in picture, body copy and on-screen clock to alien heads and vocal distortion almost anything is possible.

ManyCam download

Numerous effects are already pre-programmed. With filter functions, recordings can be improved or alienate. Distortion, sepia tint, night view, thermal imaging or matrix simulations provide the interlocutor for lots of entertainment. The elements of fire, snow and water are also available as moving graphics. A green screen can be simulated with a few mouse clicks, for the background then the sky is the limit. Accessories such as hats, masks, glasses, hair and beards and animations can be placed in the picture at will. has the manufacturer's website a database with thousands of effects to which each user add his own creation and share it with other users can.

record video with the webcam and share

All transfers created with the freeware can be recorded in HD quality. The videos can be stored on the computer or can be set with the paid Pro version, directly from YouTube. With the last update the video source options have been added to PC games, so be simply record game sequences and save.

ManyCam Download Game Capture