Forgot your password quiz duel - what to do?

Forgot your password quiz duel – what to do?

be who Forgot your password quiz duel has become a new account for the popular quiz game has set. Instead, it is more advantageous to simply get a new password. We show in the following step by step how forgetful natures log in again in the quiz duel. More on this below!

Forgot quiz duel password? Here comes the solution!

The quiz duel download brings a free rate app on smartphones and tablets, in which the player can measure against friends and opponents in several categories in real time his general knowledge online. The puzzle app includes more than 35,000 questions from 20 areas, such as sports, art, history, media and politics. Especially entertaining are games against friends or Facebook friends. but the player can à 3 questions online play against random opponents in six rounds. Alternately, the players choose this one of three categories. Who finally answers the most trivia questions correctly wins the quiz duel.

Forgot your password quiz duelForgot quiz duel password? We show how the rate will award a new friend!

Request new password quiz duel

Quickly it happened: you chose in the quiz duel registering a particularly cryptic password for their own account, because this is indeed recommended repeatedly by experts for security reasons. However, this is only really useful if the password is lost. Unfortunately, really good passwords can often easily remember and so it happens sometimes that one no longer finds his or her password despite all pondering. Who has forgotten his password quiz duel, after all, has the opportunity to request a new one. Our guide shows how this works quick and easy and the player can compete with their account to the quiz duel again.

Change Quiz duel password: Find it!

To recover a forgotten password quiz duel, the user starts the quiz duel app and type this, first at the bottom of the button labeled Login. you can with another tip on password forgotten now receive a new password to log back in Quiz duel. This is done either via a push message or e-mail. The provider sends a message to the stored by the user e-mail address with which you can reset the password and change. The user clicks in the e-mail on the link and can then change his password.

Quiz duel Password Forgot requestNew Quiz duel password either by email or push message

The Quiz friend should make sure this time that the password is not too simple nor too complex, so it can not be forgotten again. If he has found a suitable password and entered, it saves it, and the new quiz duel password is immediately active, so you can also sign up right back in the quiz duel and mitraten.