M3U DeeJay

M3U DeeJay makes editing and create M3U playlists to a simple finger exercise. The portable freeware provides, for example, on how to create playlists for playback via USB stick in the car radio. According to the developer of M3U DeeJay freeware contains deliberately only the most necessary function to keep the operation as straight as possible and easy. A playlist you put as follows: Start M3U DeeJay, choose location for the M3U file or drag an existing playlist to the program view. For a new playlist to songs can also simply drag&Drop; move to the surface and then sort by mouse or keyboard shortcuts. The free M3U DeeJay supports not only MP3 also used by iTunes M4A format. Music-loving users with car stereos and MP3 players should the services of German freeware appreciate quickly.