Is there a Cheat? learn all here!

Of the Cheat promises 30% more speed while holding the Q key. Currently none of the work tools. here's how you still quickly mutated from the Blindschleiche to Boa!

Whether directly in the browser or by downloading the app on the mobile phone, currently, more and more players throw into the snake pit. The rules are simple: You start as a small worm and can transform itself by including sparkling lights in a giant snake. However, only as long as no other reptile is touched. Then the game is over and the creature dissolves itself in particles of food on. Cheat promises a Speed ​​Boost

Although the rules of the game are very simple, yet it requires both a good responsiveness, the right tactics and a little luck to stay as long as possible in the game. What's easier than to gain a cheat a few advantages to other gamers over. Alone behind the promises merely advertising or (at worst) subscription traps hide. So do not touch! We reveal how the game with the right tactics can be dominated completely without cheat or hack: CheatAlso this cheat does not hold what it promises.

With these tricks of the star of the snake pit

Still, the game is brand new and it may be that there will be one or the other Cheat future that actually works. Until that happens, these tips:

1. chucks, feed, feed

The goal is to grow rapidly. To as many as possible large food particles must be collected. These can be found wherever just another player has laid down his life.

2. Increase speed

To move a little faster on the field of play can be activated, a speed booster. hold up to in the browser game either the mouse or the arrow keys. On the smartphone or tablet, the display has to be touched for the desired duration of the boosts. The downside: snakes, moving fast, consume energy and shrink again.

3. As a small snake overtaking long queues

In principle, small snakes are faster than large, meandering somewhat sluggish through the countryside. This can be made use of by outdated large snakes and then cuts. As always catapulted the snake into the beyond that caused the collision, such an accident produces a lot of vitamin-rich snacks.

4. circling smaller as big snake

a considerable size has been erfuttert, you need a different tactic. Now, smaller snakes can easily circle and so divided into caloric items. Cheat circling small snakesSmall snakes can thus lure them into the trap.

5. The last shall be first His

The tragic death of a larger snake usually attracts a lot of other players. In this crowd there is increased "accidents". In such game situations it is better to look at the whole thing with a certain distance. Have all the hectic player accidentally plunged to suicide, it is to strike at the time.

6. Take Cover

By following the first five tips, it is relatively easy to develop from a puny earthworm into a wonderful Anaconda. but then to have some rest stop off and move to the edges of the playing field at the time. Where you are exactly, can be the way to the small overview map in the bottom right of the screen to see. cheat tacticsSometimes it's smarter to have come some rest.

Note: The article Skins: To go to the Rainbow Serpent reveals the way, how to be an eye-catcher on the field in out stabbing snake skin.