Biathlon Manager 2017 App

Not just when the winter sports in full swing, many even to be part of the whole desire. With the Biathlon Manager 2017 App is now in the case of cross-Shooting Sports combination possible - on your own smartphone.

Biathlon Manager 2017 AppWith the Biathlon Manager 2017 app to star in the winter sports heaven and make a career as a coach. (Images: AT2 game studio / Editorial / pixabay)

Their own champion develop the Biathlon Manager 2017 App

Whether world championships, Olympic Games or in between just important training: The manager app covers the entire bandwidth of the biathlon sport. Tactics and strategy are asked to bring their biathletes very top of the rankings.

While other team members, choosing the right equipment and just over and over again Trainging help. But not only the sport itself is important - even if he is in the foreground. For all behind the scenes, the player is responsible. These included, of course, finances.Sponsorship deals will be selected and signed, and other activities require occasional attention. Networking example is at the top. The player networked with legendary biathletes who give their own protege important tips along the way.

Biathlon Manager 2017 App TournamentsAll the classic biathlon elements are present: Of course, the race and the shooting. In competition, shows whether you have managed well.

Start at the bottom - Goal: top

As is so in life, you start from the beginning as a very small light. The career has to be built - that is the goal of the whole. 20 years time you have from this point to help his biathletes in the Biathlon Manager 2017 app to fame.

But do not worry: There is an introduction to every detail in order to understand the basic principles. Of which there are quite a lot though. Because in addition to training, networking, and sponsors will be brought in just at the beginning and the wherewithal. With numerous activities that can gradually unlock the career can gradually build up. As it should be before to send the biathletes to the waiters in the bar - but to treat him well after hard training sessions and competitions in the ski resort a few days relaxation.

Biathlon Manager 2017 App Team MembersAdditional team members help - as well as biathlon legends that spill the beans.

That in competitive sports, not everything is running smoothly, show random events like injuries or simply unlucky times. For these cases, but other team members as shooting coaches and physiotherapists can recruit. And with the right equipment biathlete a realization prepared at the end. But beware: Every athlete responds differently to your decisions.

Fits the training and the biathlete is ready, it goes up in the tournaments. About 20 of them exist worldwide, each with different racing combinations. Therefore, the Biathlon Manager 2017 App continues to surprise. At the end of the credo is: "Easy to play, hard to master."Thus, this game adds in our download list of other free sports manager games.