With OGWhatsApp can be used on one device and individual backups are created two accounts of the Messengers.

WhatsApp is currently the most widely used Messenger, but you can only use it with a number. This is especially annoying if you want to keep business and private conversations independently. Until now, you had to resort to a second device, but thanks OGWhatsApp these times belong to the past. The app extends the functionality of WhatsApp to a few essential features.

OGWhatsAppTwo WhatsApp accounts with OGWhatsApp. (Picture: OGMods)

Without root more WhatsApp with OGWhatsApp

With the main feature that allows two independent accounts on a device to use, OGWhatsApp offers other advantages over the original Messenger:

  • Easily backup and so easy recovery of conversations and media
  • A small but fine selection of app icons
  • Statistics for group chats
  • Copy function for WhatsApp status

Who, however, instead of copying the status of a contact, prefer to publish its own unique statement on his profile found in our gallery sure the right words!

The most ingenious ideas WhatsApp Status

The most ingenious ideas WhatsApp Status

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However OGWhatsApp has a small disadvantage. The installation of the application is more challenging than traditional applications.

The installation

OGWhatsApp can be downloaded APK. For this to work on your phone, it must be specified in the security settings first, that even applications from potentially unsafe or unknown sources may be installed. After downloading a procedure is on to provide as follows:

  1. A current backup in the original application create (this option is found in the Messenger in the main menu under points settings, chat, chat backup)
  2. WhatsApp uninstall and reinstall (but not yet to register)
  3. Search the WhatsApp main folder with a file manager and rename OGWhatsApp following
  4. Now the old number registered under OGWhatsApp and restore backup
  5. In the official App verify the second number

OGWhatsApp ScreenshotSo the app looks after a successful installation on the smartphone. (Picture: OGMods)

If the registration fails

If after downloading experience problems with registration, both versions of the Messengers have uninstalled and it must be resorted to an alternative tool: by downloading the current Parallel Space app, it is also possible to use two accounts under the Messenger. And it works not only with WhatsApp but with virtually any application that you have installed on your smartphone. The tool, so to speak reflects the original surface of the device, including existing apps. On this second planes users can log in to their favorite applications with another account that works independently of the first. How to do it exactly, the article reveals, use WhatsApp parallel: Find it without root.

OGWhatsApp AlfternativeParallel Space duplicated not only WhatsApp, but virtually any application on the smartphone. (Picture: LBE Tech)