Of the MAXCRM download takes care of various administrative tasks in offices small and medium enterprises. The software has among other things an interface to telephone systems and Outlook. Moreover MAXCRM contact details of customers and suppliers as well as tasks within projects organized.

MAXCRM download

Complex MAXCRM download for administrative tasks

The program facilitates both internal and external communication, for example by automatically assigning incoming e-mails to the corresponding master data of the contact partner. This information is handled by the manager and a mouse click in e-mails or faxes. Existing customer data imported MAXCRM for example from the Outlook address book. Conveniently, the program has a registered company any number of contacts for which the number of records markedly reduced. For companies with sales representatives MAXCRM also has a route planner on board. This shows the mouse, the approach route to the customer via Google Maps. the features of the tool are rounded off by a Dokumentenveraltung. It ensures that each employee can access all relevant processes related to customers and projects with just a few mouse clicks. MAXCRM requires either Access Version 2007 or the appropriate runtime.

Limitations of MAXCRM

It is a 14-day trial. After that, the program must be purchased.