Max cathedrals Login: Forgot your password? Here’s help!

if the Max cathedrals Login does not work because the credentials do not match, the password must be reset. We reveal how it works and the next film can be started!

Whether one uses the German streaming provider on the television, in the browser of his computer or after downloading the max cathedrals app on mobile phones and tablets: Prerequisite for watching movies and series is the application with the correct credentials. Total max cathedrals has claims to have 50,000 titles, its own film critics and even an offline mode for mobile devices - all the more annoying when you can not access series like Elementary, The 100 or movies like Jack Reacher or the Tribune of Panem. An excerpt of the current program can be found here:

Reset access data for the max cathedrals Login

Directly on the home page, the button is the max cathedrals login. If you have trouble logging in, it may help to have a new password sent to the email address with which you signed up in. To do this select the option below the free text fields: Forgot your password. Max cathedrals sends following the specified address an e-mail with a link to the page where you can update his password. now confirm this by entering it again and already the max cathedrals Login should be no problem. The process can as often and from any device (Smart TV, Blu-ray players, etc.) made to be performed.

Max cathedrals LoginThe access data for the max cathedrals login can be reset easily.

Check whether a technical malfunction

If you look in spite of a new password can not log on, perhaps there is a technical fault with the provider. Information about any failures, the site offers all Stö Here users can check whether and where it came in the last 24 hours to problems. The portal also gives an overview of dissolved disorders and on which devices (Smart TV, app, etc.), there are the most problems. The page should remember also for other products and services such as telephone company, Facebook or other streaming providers.

Max cathedrals LoginIs there a technical problem?

What to do if the application is not working and there are no technical problems?

If resetting the password does not bring about the desired results, only the option remains to contact the customer service of the provider. The service center is open daily from 7:00 am to 24:00 pm by telephone on 089 41142412 to achieve. Who would not want to call, you can get help via the contact form or at this e-mail address [email protected] writing. Old-fashioned by mail you can reach the customer service at this address: maxdome customer service, Media 7, 85774 Unterföhring. Under +49 1579 2368480 service further helps even WhatsApp.