Of the Cura download comes as the control center for 3D printer on the computer. The freeware takes care of processing and preparation of three-dimensional models and sends it to the appropriate calibration on the Ultimaker printer.

With the Cura Download Print in the third dimension

The data source used Cura 3D formats STL, DAE, AMF and the widespread OBJ. Thanks to this range of supported formats can be, for example, import objects from SketchUp and print. Even Minecraft maps imported and prints the helper. Here is influenced before output parameters such as bulk density, or the quality of printing and provides the 3D printer to the material used in each one. The tempo and the temperature of the pressure can be controlled with Cura.

Cura download

Not only for owners of a 3D printer

If appropriate, adds support elements for complex 3D prints. Finally, the print studio also holds the printer's firmware itself on the current state of affairs. However, Cura is directed not only to the proud owners of a 3D printer. Also for the curious who want to take a look at the possibilities in advance, the freeware is certainly worth a look. In the download section to include a link to a website of the provider with a number of plug-ins that can be extended to Cura functional place by the way.