Norton Ghost

Norton Ghost creates backups of important data. The user can choose between full image and approximations of certain files. Thanks to the integrated scheduler the software does everything automatically. Backups are de rigueur at work with the PC. With Norton Ghost, the user performs backups of all partitions by or backs up individual files. The files storing the program to external USB hard drives, CD / DVD or Blu-ray. Even when Windows will not boot, the data recovery plays back the data. Assist a rescue system from which the computer starts from. once there is a relocation of the system, ensures Norton Ghost private documents and other important data without installation. In addition, the software responds intelligently to hazards: It is based on the current danger level of ThreadCon warning system and performs preventive backups at threats. Now it is no longer possible to put forward difficult operation as an obstacle for creating backups. With Norton Ghost it easier than ever to back up important files reliably. The user needs only to configure the task scheduler and already the backup tool makes on a regular basis to work. The data GAU has no chance.

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