IBAN Finder

The IBAN Finder assists in the SEPA migration. The user enters an account number and bank routing number and the corresponding already the freeware calculates the IBAN and the BIC. With SEPA uniform account numbers and sort codes are introduced throughout the European region. The new account number is IBAN ("international Bank account number"), And the bank code is now (as BIC"Bank Identifier Code") designated. The IBAN number contains the account number, the bank code, a country code and a check digit. The IBAN Finder is the existing account numbers and sort codes from as SEPA-ready data. So you have your own new account information as to the hand as those of friends and acquaintances. The IBAN numbers of business partners brings the freeware also quick and easy to experience. All account data can be easily put into the clipboard and re-use.

Limitations of IBAN Finder

Before using the program, a one-time free activation by mail service. This can also skip.